Affiliate system agreement

To sign up our affiliate system read the below agreement and enter the requested information.



Concluded between

Company name: ….............................................. Ltd

Registered office: ….............................

Registered number: …............

Represented by: …............................

(Hereinafter referred to as: Partner)


Company name: Samurai Entertainment PTE LTD

Registered office:  10 Anson Road, #27-15 International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Registered number: 201841366G

Representered by: Director

(Hereinafter referred to as: Service Provider)



1. Parties agree that the Partner shall provide services as set forth in the present Agreement.


2. Parties agree that the Partner shall provide services on the field of information technology and marketing..


3. Description of Services: The Provider maintains the domain registration website. At this website the Visitors have an opportunity to register a domain. For the purpose of promoting the domain registration system the Provider has created an affilate system, into which the Entrepreneur joins. The job of the Entrepreneur is to promote the system maintained by the Provider. (advertisement, communication)


4. Partner is obliged to practise its activity according to the highest standards and general professional expectations. Partner is obliged to note the Service Provider’s interest and goodwill.


5. The Parties agree that the Partner is entitled to involve subcontractors without approval of the Service Provider.


6. The Service Provider is obliged to provide the Partner with the information necessary for the provision of the Service by the Partner..


7. The Entrepreneur has the right of commission on the basis of their turnover via the Affilate system that is solely dedicated to them. This commission is taken into account on the basis of the actual registration charges according to financial statements made by the Provider. The fee of the Entrepreneur is 40% of the above mentioned sum of money. The Entrepreneur has the right to issue an invoice to the extent of mentioned sum of money.


8. The Service Provider shall pay for the invoices within 8 (eight) calendar days as from the receipt thereof by wire transfer to the bank account no. indicated on the invoice.


9. During their collaboration Parties are obliged to treat all information about the other half’s business as business secret without time restrictions. The obligation of confidentiality does not apply for data of public interest and data public on grounds of public interest. The obligation of confidentiality applies to private individuals employed by the parties or individuals in other legal relation with the Parties. Parties bound themselves to make an agreement with the persons mentioned above which obliges them to keep the business secrets.


10. Parties are obliged to cooperate in order to fulfil the present agreement. According to this obligation the parties are obliged to make available the necessary data and tools to the other party, and they are also obliged to ensure the conditions of performing the present contract. They inform each other immediately about every relevant circumstance. Each notification and all information relating to the present contract between the Parties have to be in written form. Parties agree that e-mailing shall be considered as written communication.

Parties conclude this contract for an indefinite period of time. Either of the parties have the right to terminate the contract with 30 days of notice to the other party. Parties are entitled to terminate this contract with mutual agreement.


12. Either of the Parties is entitled to terminate the present contract immediately with a written, reasonable statement to the other party in case of material breach of contract. If the breach of contract is remediable, and the defaulter does not remedy the failure in 8 days from the appeal the other party can terminate the contract immediately.

13. Parties are obliged to account with each other after the termination of the contract.