Terms & Conditions


1. Maintenance of the Website

The owner of the website www.domainwholesale24.com (hereinafter: Website) is Samurai Entertainment Pte Ltd (site: 10 ANSON ROAD #27-15 INTERNATIONAL PLAZA SINGAPORE 079903; registration number: 201841366G; [email protected]; hereinafter: Service Provider). The holder of all materials and content on this Website (including trademarks, logos, softwares, know-hows, other intellectual property) is Service Provider.
The users' data are managed by Service Provider.

2. The User

The User is that person (either a natural person or an organization) who uses the Services of the Website in any way.

3. Effect and modification of the Terms and Conditions of this Contract

The effect of the Terms covers the Service provided by Service Provider specified on the Website and his data management. The Terms shall govern the legal relationship between the Service Provider and the User. Service Provider reserves the right of modification of the Terms.

4. Authoritative law and jurisdiction

Service Provider is a business company registered in Singapore, who performs its activity first of all under the effect of the legal rules in force in Singapore. The Terms shall be governed by the law of Singapore. User who chooses to access this Website and uses its Service is responsible for compliance with all local laws, rules and regulations.

5. General description of the Service provided

The purpose of the Services that are provided through the Website is the registration of the domain names. The Service Provider allows Users to register domain names through the Website in the .hu, .co.hu, .com, .eu., .info., .net, .org TLDs. There is a possibility to register, transfer, extend or cancel domain names through the Website.

6. Data Management

The Service Provider collects and manages publicly available data.

The beneficiary (obligee) of the data relating to the User is the User. The data of the User or acting in the sphere of interest of the User are personal-type data, which the data-subject is entitled first of all to dispose of.

The title of data management is the voluntary consent given by the holder of data. By means of the use of the Website and the registration the User accepts the Terms and expressly consents to the fact that his/her specified data be managed in accordance with the present Terms. If the User specifies the data of a natural person other than the User, the User shall obtain the consent of the affected person except if this consent is not needed due to a legal rule. In case of the communication of the data of a natural person the User will be liable that such data be communicated lawfully. User will make sure that the affected persons are informed about data management. Since the User enters - by means of the registration and the acceptance of the present Terms - into a legal relationship with Service Provider, the prevailing legal rules are authoritative also for data management. The objective of the data management is the identification of the User and the provision of services as well as the analysis, development of the Website.

The Service Provider is entitled to use the address specified by User (email address, phone number, or any other identification data for contact purposes) for the purposes of sending the User, newsletters or advertising letters in connection with the Service Provider, or the Service provided by the Service Provider. The User accepts that the Service Provider uses the data collected in the course of the User’s use of the Website for advertisement purposes so that the Service Provider may send offers to the User, those which are specifically tailored to the User’s behavioral patterns on the Website.

Service Provider erases the data received in following cases:

  • the data management is against the law, or a legal rule orders cancellation;
  • if requested by User;
  • the data are deficient or erroneous, which makes use impossible;
  • the purpose of data managements ceases;
  • if ordered by an authority or the court.
With the exception of the User’s public data or data managed on the basis of a legal rule, User is free to ask for the cancellation of his/her data. The cancellation of the data necessary for registration results the cancellation of the registration itself.

7. The rules of the Services, payment

The User has the opportunity to register domain through the Website, and take care of matters related to existing domains. The User can use the Service after registration. The User is obliged to respect the rules and regulations of each domain name and act accordingly during the registration.

The User is obliged to pay the fees specified in the price list published by the Service Provider for the service to be used. The Service Provider may unilaterally determine the amount of the fees regardless of the prices of other services. The User is obliged to pay the fees in the manner specified by the Service Provider.

Payment can be made for a particular Service or with balance uploading. In this case, the User, and the user obliged to pay the price of the Service to be used what communicated by the Service Provider. The User is entitled to pre-uploading the balance, in which case the price of Service is deducted from the balance.

The Service Provider only provides the Services after the payment of the fees. The payment of the fees and it is crediting by Service Provider does not constitute a commitment by the Service Provider to provide the service.

The fee what paid to the Service Provider for the registration includes the fee what payable to another service provider.

The Service Provider shall not settle any disputes arising during the registration procedure, the fee does not include it.

In the case of the unsuccessful registration process or payment, the Service Provider will refund the fees that have been charged. If this is the fault of the Service Provider, the Service Provider will refund the whole fees that have been paid.

8. Warranty

User expressly agrees that its use of the Service is at the User’s sole risk.

To the full extent permitted by law the services are provided "as is", "as available" and "with all faults", and the service provider makes no representation or warranty that the online services will be uninterrupted, timely or error free.

The service provider makes no representation or warranty with respect to the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the information provided by any registered person of the websites.

In no event shall the service provider be liable to the user or any third party for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages, including lost profit damages arising from the use of the website or the service, even if the service provider has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

9. Service Provider’s responsibility

Service Provider shall take all reasonable measures that can be expected for purpose of smooth and continuous operation of service. It shall exercise its rights specified above (conditions of use, modifications of services, measures taken against the User etc.) mainly for these purposes and also to adjust the service according to the requirements of the User.

The Service Provider shall use its best endeavors to provide the service efficiently, but shall not be liable for the registration of domain names, the success of any other administration. The Service Provider shall make efforts to eliminate possible defects, problems occurring during operation of the site. The Service Provider shall not be liable either for failure or for standstill taken place for reasons beyond its sphere of interest and control.

10. Due process

User may forward his/her complaints, objections directly to the Service Provider that shall do its utmost to stop and remedy possible infringements. Service Provider shall examine the complaints submitted and shall inform the User about its standpoint and measures taken.

The User shall be entitled to submit its lawful claim to the authority or court under the governing law.